Goya Meat

We are extremely proud to announce that Venture Restaurants are now the EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS to the Canary Islands of the multi-award winning legendary GOYA beef from the Basque Country.

GOYA have been exclusively supplying some of Spains most famous steak houses for over 40 years, including the world renowned Casa Julian in Tolosa.
Distributing their meat to only the most exclusive list of clientele over the years, is one of the ways they have managed to maintain their very high standards.

GOYA select only the highest quality dairy cows of a minimum age of 6 years and above.  They are predominantly raised on grass and fed corn for the last months.   This ensures a richer flavour and a higher content of infiltrated marbling for a more intense, healthy fat infused flavour.

four goya steaks on barbeque grill being seasoned with salt
four salted steaks in flames on parilla grill
one goya steak on flaming parilla

We are very excited to now be able to cook for you this exclusive meat in Restaurant Finca Tres Roques.  Don’t miss out on this unique experience.