Shall we go to Guachinche?

A quote widely used by the Canarians… Tenerife history goes beyond a simple word used on our island, beyond the etymological meaning. Transcends stories: it’s about people, about culture, our past and our flavours!. The guachinche meaning comes from the wine tasting festivals organized by the locals at certain times of the year. Today it is still part of our language, it is used to describe establishments where typical Canarian food is served paired with a good wine.

We have adapted this term to a complete gastronomic experience, adding essential traditional Canarian dishes with an avant-garde touch. Experiencing authentic Canarian flavour, with vegetables grown in our farm and wine produced directly from our bodega.

So if you’re looking to live a traditional and unforgettable day but with a modern twist, full of flavour and passion of our land, look for Guachinche Gourmet and start using this tasty word of our language that characterises us so much.