Welcome to Finca Tres Roques: Your Destination for Wine Tasting in Tenerife

At Finca Tres Roques, we are passionate about crafting unique wines. Each bottle tells a story of dedication, experience, and love for viticulture. Our wines are exclusive and result from careful selection of grapes and vinification techniques. Our vineyard boasts four distinct grape varieties: Listan Blanco, Listan Negro, Tempranillo, and Ruby Cabernet.

a glass of red win being poured outside bodega
restaurant with a view of mountains and sea

Experience Wine Tastings in Tenerife

At Finca Tres Roques, we strive to offer not just exceptional wines, but also unforgettable experiences that blend taste, tradition, and hospitality.

Discover our special package: Finca Tour, Wine Tasting, and Authentic Local Lunch. Available every Monday and Friday, this package allows you to explore our estate, taste our exquisite wines, and delight in a delicious lunch at our restaurant. It’s the perfect way to immerse yourself fully in our wine and culinary culture, while enjoying a memorable day among vineyards and unique flavors.

Book your tour now and get ready to experience something that will satisfy all your senses.